Interview With Sex Worker Daisy 1 Interview With Sex Worker Daisy

Interview With Sex Worker Daisy

Interview with sex worker Daisy

“I love sex and I stand by my words!”
Do Feminism and Porn go together?

Daisy, who works in the sex business, explains and talks about her job as an escort, a stripper, and an actress in and producer of pornographic movies.

Who is Daisy?

Daisy is 26 years old, comes from Bulgaria, and lives in Vienna. She has been working here in the sex business for 5 years. She works as an escort, as a stripper in Maxim nightclub in Vienna, and as a director of and an actress in pornographic movies. The 24-year-old actress is aware that the so-called “sex business” is burdened with a lot of, particularly sexist prejudice. Nevertheless, she believes in her profession and knows that her feminist convictions do not stand in the way of her job.

Exclusive Interview with Miss Daisy Diamond

Miss Daisy Diamond

How did your professional career as an escort, stripper, and porn actress begin?

The sex business has always interested me. It started with an impulsive decision I made on New Year’s Eve to begin working as an escort. As an escort girl, I meet men who want to go to events with me, plan a nice dinner, or just want to spend some nice time with a woman. Meeting new, multifaceted, and different people is a lot of fun for me.

Shortly afterward, I started as a stripper at Maxim nightclub and was able to gain additional experience. Last year I decided to combine all the experience I had gathered in my professional career and film it! Making porn movies is not only a pleasure for me but also a means of creative expression!

What do the people from your social environment think about your occupation?

My friends support me 100 % and I am very lucky to have such open-minded friends, because, as opposed to many shy women in my profession who keep their jobs secret, I do not want to hide. Since most of my friends also live as “swingers” they can completely understand my life. However, most of them have “normal” jobs and they don’t show up in porn movies.

What influence does your profession have on your private life?

A big one because I don’t distinguish between them. Most people separate their work from their private life, they come home from the office bored and stressed and are just tired. I have decided against such a way of life and I actually work all the time because I enjoy it. My job cannot be compared to an ordinary professional life because it is a way of life.

What does one earn in your industry? Do men and women in your industry earn the same?

Daisy tells that she earns quite enough to live pretty well off my earnings. There are certainly many so-called high-class escort girls who earn a lot more than I do, but I am content. Therefore, it is not possible to say which gender earns more, because it always depends on which branch of the industry you work in. But in general, the industry is definitely dominated by women who earn a lot.

Are there rules for you and your customers?

Yes, I am given a complete health check every six weeks for my job as an escort. It’s similar to port-movie shoots, where all actors have to bring two valid health tests for venereal diseases.

What does sexuality mean for you?

Sexuality means everything to me. Sexuality is my life. Sexuality is Daisy. I love that I have transferred my sexuality into a way of life and that I can express myself through it. It’s great to always discover new things about myself and about my needs. Sexuality is a process of life-long learning.

Do you work in a sexist industry?

Sexism is certainly present in the industry. I have always rebelled against it and tried to fight it because I consider myself a feminist. The women in this industry are stigmatized and labeled by many people. There are so many women who lie to the people in their social environment because of the sexist prejudice against the profession. They are afraid of being rejected by society. I am fighting against sexism in our industry where I always stand honestly in defense of my profession. Also, almost every time I receive only positive feedback on my being honest. People sometimes find my job funny but also cool. 

Feminism and porn – is that possible?

Of course! Women also have sex and also have the power of sexual autonomy, just like men do, only that this is shown less often. Why should only men make porn movies and show only their fantasies? We, women like to have sex just as much and we should show that, too. I love sex and I stand by my words. No woman should be ashamed of this. 

Does porno distort real sexual life?

Yes and no. I think pornography has to be done “the right way” and that’s where the difficulty is. In the end, a porno, like any film, is a perfect fantasy that should attract the attention of the audience. Executed professionally, pornography can also aid the private sex life and, for example, save a long marriage in which nothing sexual had happened for ten years. For me, it is of great importance to make porn movies as realistic as possible, which is why I always give my actors the opportunity to shoot together with their partners, so that they don’t have to pretend.

Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

Actually, I like everything about my job. I am the boss and I decide what I like and what I don’t like. If I don’t want to do something, if I don’t like something or if I don’t want to be with a certain customer, I have complete freedom of choice because I work in a professional industry. 

How do you work in the Corona crisis? 

The effects of the pandemic are devastating to my industry. Sex via webcam or telephone is not for me. That’s why I’m currently working every day on the marketing strategies of my new startup. I have started a new erotic magazine called “Diamonds Production”.

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